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Providing Concrete Block and Construction Products

Open Saturday Mornings

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6955 Buford Hwy NE, Peachtree Corners, Georgia 30340, United States | (770) 448-1611

Our Construction Products

  • Concrete blocks: 2", 4", 6", 8" and 12" blocks. We also carry a variety of specialty blocks.
  • Retaining wall blocks & pavers: Allan Block and Paverstone brand products.
  • Bagged Goods: Holcim and Coosa (Type N, type S, Portland with specialty colors).
  • Quikrete bagged goods: premixed concrete, premixed mortar, premixed type s mortar, and premixed sandmix.

  • Sandblasting sand: 20/30, 10/30, 0/30, -44, and -80 grade blasting sand.
  • Concrete coloring/concrete stains: Legacy by Solomon colors. 

  • Aggregates: Masonry sand, river sand, granite sand, #57 stone, crusher run, #4 stone, #89 stone, and pea gravel. 

  • Red common brick: 3 holes and solid brick. 

  • Fire brick/flue liner: Variety of sizes and fire clay.
  • Concrete bricks.
  • Rebar: #3 through #8 rebar. Rebar fabrication available upon request.
  • Angle Iron: 3.5 x 3.5 1/4" and 3.5 x 5 1/4". Regular and primed.
  • Drainage pipe: Advanced drainage system products available 4" and up (solid, perforated or with sock).
  • Catch Basins and grates.
  • Cast iron grates and frames.
  • Truss/wire mesh/metal lathes.
  • Masonry tools: Bon Tool, Kraft and Marshalltown tools and accessories.
  • Diamond Blades.
  • Boots: Georgia brand and rubber concrete boots.
  • Concrete sealers and cleaners: Prosoco cleaners, Clemmons sealers and AW Cooks Cement Products.
  • Concrete forming tubes.
  • TS420: 14" STIHL Cutoff Saw.
  • Concrete mortar mixerparts.

Humphries Construction Products has been serving the Metro Atlanta area with cement blocks and supplies since 1946. Located in Doraville (near spaghetti junction) we conveniently provide construction products to the entire metro Atlanta Area. Humphries provides quality materials and carries a large selection of masonry tools and products.

We're here to support your next masonry project.  

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